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Seamkeepers, Chapter One

Dear friends,  Thank you for expressing interest in this excerpt of Seamkeepers. I'm excited to share this with you, and I hope you enjoy this chapter. Thank you for following my journey! Love,  Adrienne S. Seamkeepers - Chapter One Brynna Ellis was in school at the time of the first earthquake. It had started like any normal day—sitting in the back corner of math class, avoiding attention, and fiddling with the silver pendant around her neck. Her fingertips had begun to tingle, so she’d shifted around in her chair in hopes that it would pass. It did not. By the time second period came, Brynna had anxiously isolated herself in a quiet corridor of the school. Both her arms had begun to lose all feeling, and she knew if her foster parents had to take her to the emergency room, she would be in a world of trouble. By third period, Brynna was shaky and pallid. People had noticed the pain written in her expression, but no one said anything to her. She f

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